Take out the menstrual cup

Handling the menstrual cup vacuum correctly

What is called a vacuum cup is actually more of a suction that occurs when the cup is tight against the vaginal walls. You shouldn't pull a cup out with a spike or a string as this can lead to suction that drags tissue or pulls on the uterine tap. It can hurt! If you have an IUD, it can also come with you if you don't first break the vacuum between the cup and the vagina.

How to remove a menstrual cup

A menstrual cup is not taken out like a tampon. Rather, you should try to squeeze it and then take it out. The peg at the bottom can be helpful if you have already squeezed the cup. If you pull directly on the plug, this can lead to a vacuum in the cup which is uncomfortable. To avoid this, find a position that works well for you when emptying the cup.

Here are some tips on how to remove the cup most easily:

Sitting on the toilet - Sit over the toilet and squeeze to remove the menstrual cup. If this causes it to overflow, there is no problem as the contents will land in the toilet.

Sit on the toilet with one foot on the seat - If you find it difficult to reach when sitting on the toilet, you can pick up a leg and place your foot on the seat. This can make it easier to reach.

Squat - Squat on the floor just like when you insert the menstrual cup.

Stand with one leg on the toilet - Put one foot up on the toilet or on the edge of the bathtub and take out the menstrual cup standing up.

Take out in the shower - Take the cup out in the shower or bath to minimise the risk of it leaking onto the floor or onto your clothes.

Remember to relax!

If you tense up, it can be difficult to reach a menstrual cup that has gone a little further up and is stuck like a vacuum. Take it easy and don't worry. Your cup can't get stuck in your vagina! It's there and will come out if you calm down and then squirm. A cyst works a bit like when you go to the toilet. Push a few times and feel for it. You should feel the cup come down.

If you feel pain and you can't get the cup out, know that it could be because it's reaching the uterine tap. It is not dangerous. Take it easy for a while and try again.

With long nails

With long nails, you can pinch yourself. Then it hurts to break the menstrual cup vacuum that has been created. Some people choose to wrap some soft tissue over their nails before pinching the cup. There may be other tricks that give the same result. It's also a good idea to take it easy here. But careful and gentle movements will reduce the risk of pinching yourself next to the cup.

If you have an IUD

The vacuum that can occur if you pull the cup out too forcefully and quickly can pull an IUD with it. This is also why it is not recommended to use a cup with an IUD. So it is a strong suction that we are talking about and it is important to understand. It is not dangerous, but it can be uncomfortable. Especially if there is an IUD in place.

Wiggle rather than pull

Avoid pulling on your menstrual cup when you want to take it out or just adjust it. A wiggling motion is much better. The cup is soft, so you don't have to pull too hard to push in a side. Air will be pushed in and out and it will be easier to get the cup out. Once it's loosened, you can pull gently without creating a new vacuum. Try it out gently and be sure to relax in order to insert and remove your menstrual cup in the best possible way.

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