Menstrual cup tips

Important tips for menstrual cup

Whether you're just about to try your first cup or you've been using this protection for a long time, there are tricks and tips that may be useful to keep in mind. Here we've gathered some of the menstrual cup tips that we think can help you in the beginning and so you get the most out of your menstrual cup. The menstrual cup is a great thing! We'll help you make sure you get the most out of it.

It can feel a bit nervous the first time you have to insert a cup. You can insert your cup in a few different ways. What will suit you best depends on what feels most comfortable for you. Some people prefer to squat while others prefer to sit on the toilet. When inserting the cup, it's best to fold it up first. Below are examples of three different folds.


Paying attention to hygiene is not really a tip, but more of a rule. This is important because you don't want bacteria or dirt in your vagina. Always wash your hands with two k's and water, and also wash your menstrual cup with soap and water. Rinse thoroughly. Sterilize the menstrual cup in tap water before using it.

Remember to empty your menstrual cup

In the beginning, it may be a good idea to empty your menstrual cup regularly so that you can get an idea of how much you are bleeding. Our menstrual cup can stay in for up to 12 hours but before you start sleeping with your cup, you should be used to using it so that you feel really confident about how you handle it. You know best.

Find the right position

When the cup is just right, it doesn't feel or leak. If it's not quite right, it may feel uncomfortable or leak. When the cup is in the right place, it doesn't feel. Start by inserting the cup and folding it the way you like it best. When you insert the cup, let go and the cup will unfold automatically. This creates a small suction that keeps the cup in place and prevents it from leaking.

Squatting for insertion

There are different ways to insert the cup. Some people like to squat, or sit over the toilet, or stand up. Find the way that feels best for you. Remember that you should not insert the cup as far as a tampon. The cup sits lower and closer to the vaginal opening. After a little practice, you will be able to insert and remove your cup easily when you are sitting on the toilet.

Cut the plug

There are models that have a spigot, or loop or ball that is quite long. Some people find this uncomfortable. A menstrual cup tip is to cut the plug yourself. You can do this with scissors or a knife. Just make sure it's not too short, or you might have trouble reaching and getting the cup out, or you might cut the cup itself. Be careful.

Rinse with warm water

If you find it difficult to fold the cup, try rinsing it in hot water. This will also usually make insertion more comfortable as the cup will be a little softer and smoother. This also makes it easier to fold and insert. Remember that you should always rinse the cup before using it. The water itself also makes it slide in more easily.

Lube for insertion

If you find that inserting the cup feels sluggish or rough, even if you use warm water, you can try lubricant. But be careful not to use oil-based lubricants, as they can damage the material of the cup.

Take it out in the shower

Until you're completely used to it, taking the cup out can be a bit tricky. It can get sticky and slippery to handle. You could try taking the cup out in the shower instead. Then it won't matter if it drips blood or gets a bit sticky. It may also be a bit easier for you to relax and you won't have to worry about spilling blood on your clothes or the floor.

Push to the side when withdrawing

When you're about to take your menstrual cup out, you need to make sure that the little suction that keeps the cup in place is released first. Do not pull directly on the spike. Instead, wiggle the cup, or press lightly into one side of the cup. Or pinch the bottom. You can hear and feel when the suction is released and then you can pull the cup out using the spike and empty it. If the cup has come up a bit, so it's hard to reach, you can try pushing or coughing and it will come out more easily.

Don't give up

One of the most important menstrual cup tips you can get is not to give up, if it doesn't work perfectly right away. Practice makes perfect. You need to get the technique down so that the menstrual cup fits just right and so that you can insert and empty it easily. You can read more about inserting your cup here.


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