Menstrual cup material

Are menstrual cup materials safe?

Many menstrual cups are made of medical grade silicone, a material called polymer, which is a type of plastic material. The important thing to know about plastic is that it comes in an infinite variety of shapes. The type of plastic used for medical purposes, such as menstrual cups is completely safe to use because, among other things, it can withstand high temperatures. Medical grade silicone can be boiled to sterilise it from bacteria.

In fact, it is safer to use a silicone menstrual pad than to use a cotton tampon, for example, because the silicone cannot suck up bacteria the way a tampon can.

However, to keep the cup safe, it is important that you take care of hygiene and keep the cup clean. Always follow the instructions that come with the cup and always wash your hands with soap and water when handling the cup.

Medical silicone

Most menstrual cups are made of a material called medical silicone. This type of silicone is made to be biocompatible. This means that it has properties that make it not dangerous or toxic when it comes into contact with skin or mucous membranes. In medicine, polymers are used for several purposes. For example, silicone can be used to heal scars. The material is not dangerous to the body, it is also very soft and pliable, it can withstand high temperatures so that it can be sterilised in boiling water and it does not collect bacteria.

Not all menstrual cups are made of the same material. There are a few different varieties. Some are made of rubber too. Some menstrual cups are softer or firmer and the surface may look a little different. What rubber and silicone have in common is that they are soft and easy to handle and shape.

Organic menstrual cups

To say that a menstrual cup is organic may not be entirely accurate. When something is organic, it usually refers to a food product or something grown in nature with the best interests of the environment in mind. Organic can be a food product but also a raw material used for things other than food, such as cotton or linen.

Since silicone is plastic and not grown in nature, it is a bit strange to say that it is organic. Nevertheless, many companies are talking about organic menstrual cups, but this should be seen more as a selling point.

Instead of saying that a menstrual cup is organic, it is better to use words like green, eco-friendly or nature-friendly.

Good for the environment but not organic

It's also not right to say that menstrual cups are organic, because they don't break down easily in nature. An organic material contains few artificial ingredients or is made entirely from only natural materials. But even if the menstrual cup is not organic, it can still be considered environmentally friendly because it is not a disposable product. Of course, it's good for the environment when you use the same menstrual pad over and over again instead of disposable ones like tampons and pads.

A single menstrual cup can last up to ten years, imagine how many pads or tampons are used in that time. When a menstrual cup is used up, some of the material in it can be reused and the polymers can be broken down to become new material.

Hygiene determines safety

The safety of menstrual cup material depends on how careful you are about hygiene. The silicone in the menstrual cup does not absorb bacteria, but if you get bacteria on your hands and then pick up the cup, the bacteria can of course follow the cup into the vagina. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water first, and also wash the menstrual cup with soap and water and rinse thoroughly.

So you need to be careful to keep the cup material clean to keep it safe. Also, make sure that you do not scratch the menstrual cup and that you do not expose the silicone to substances that can break down and destroy it. If you follow the instructions, your menstrual cup will be completely safe and you can feel secure with a menstrual protection that is good for both you and nature.


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