Menstrual cup leaks

Why is my menstrual cup leaking?

A menstrual cup placed correctly should not leak. If your cup leaks, it can be due to a few different things. When you're a beginner, it's important not to stress when inserting your cup. If the cup is positioned correctly, you won't feel it and it shouldn't leak. If it does leak even though it's in the right place, it could be because you need a different size.

Cup leaks when full

If the cup is full, it will leak. This is pretty obvious. When you are bleeding heavily, it is important to empty it more often than when you are bleeding less. Make a habit of emptying your cup every time you go to the toilet. This will show you how much blood there is and help you learn quickly how often your cup needs emptying.

Remember that a full cup can leak when you take it out. If there is a lot of blood in the cup, it may run over the rim when you squeeze it to take it out.

Once you have started sleeping with a menstrual cup, you may need to get up and empty the cup before you get a handle on how much blood comes in during the night. Most people can sleep a whole night without having to empty it, but we are all different and bleed differently. If you get a lot of blood at night, you may need a larger size.

The menstrual cup has not unfolded

Leakage can be caused by the menstrual cup not unfolding and therefore not closing tightly. When you insert the cup, it should automatically unfold and fit tightly so that no blood can get around the cup and leak out. Unlike a tampon, you don't have to insert it as deeply. If the cup is inserted too far, blood can leak out the side of the cup.

Feel the cup with your fingers. You will then feel if it has a round shape or if it still feels folded. If the cup is still folded, it is best to take it out and start again. Wiggle the cup a little and if there is a slurping sound. This means that air is getting into the cup because it is unfolding. You can also try spinning the cup a little to get the same effect. It may take a while to get the full feel of the insert. Give it time and try not to rush.

Find the right size for you and your flow

There are different sizes and different hard or soft menstrual cups. To avoid leakage, it is important to find the right size. Our cup comes in two sizes, one for smaller to moderate periods and one for those who bleed moderately to profusely. Our cup is soft and flexible. If you have not given birth and are not bleeding heavily, we recommend the smaller one. After you have given birth, we recommend the larger size.

Only you can decide what suits you best. You should feel comfortable. If our cup doesn't suit you, there are lots of other good cups to try that are firmer.

You can check out our size guide here.

Clean the cup properly

The small holes in the cup are there to create a small vacuum that holds the cup in place and prevents it from leaking. When cleaning the cup, always check that there is no blood left in these holes. If the holes in the cup become clogged with blood, it will not work properly when you insert it. Clogged holes can lead to leakage. Always make sure your cup is clean when you put it back in.

Find the right position

When a menstrual cup leaks, it's often because it's not in the right position. If you have a leak after lying down for a long time and the cup is not full, it is probably because it is not in the right position. You can try taking it out and putting it back in again. The longer you use the cup and the more you use it, you will soon get the hang of inserting it and finding the right position.


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