Menstrual cup bad smell

Why does my menstrual cup have a bad smell?

Sometimes a menstrual cup can smell bad. It is not dangerous but of course not pleasant. To avoid a bad smelling cup, you should always make sure to clean your cup every time you empty it. Rinse it thoroughly with water and use soap. Be sure to rinse off any soap residue, otherwise you may upset the balance of the vagina. Make sure the small holes in the cup are clean and not clogged with blood. If the holes become clogged, the cup may not stay tight and the cup may start to smell bad. Always sterilise your menstrual cup in boiling water before using it on the first day of your period.

Silicone smells like silicone

Our menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone. Silicone may smell a little plastic, but it's very little. As long as you take care to keep your cup clean, it shouldn't have a bad smell. If your cup has a very bad smell, we recommend replacing it. The smell itself is not dangerous, but it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant to use a cup that smells.

Forgotten menstrual cup with bad smell

Forgotten your menstrual cup? Yes, it can happen. Because it is often so convenient and unnoticeable, you may forget you have it. But don't worry, it's okay. If it's been in for more than 12 hours, it may smell bad when you take it out. This is not dangerous. Take extra care when cleaning it. You may need to sterilise it in boiling water an extra time before using it again. Between periods, we recommend that you always sterilise the cup in boiling water before using it again. Between periods, store it in a clean and dry place. Preferably in the cotton bag that you received with your order.

Remove deposits from your menstrual cup

When you have been using your cup for a few months, it may develop deposits or a thin coating on the outside. This can smell a bit and, above all, look a bit dull. You can clean the cup with an ordinary dish sponge and some washing-up liquid. Rub against the coating until it disappears. Some people find that soaking the cup in lemon juice or vinegar works well to get rid of deposits more quickly. Whichever technique you use, be sure to rinse off the product thoroughly. The hardest part is usually getting the deposits out of the small holes in the cup. Here you can use small spacer brushes like you would use for your teeth.

Always be careful about hygiene

The most important thing when you are menstruating and handling menstrual pads is to always be careful with your hand hygiene and to always keep the cup clean when you empty it. Between periods, sterilise the menstrual cup in boiling water and store it in a dry, clean place. If you do all this, there should be no bad smell.

When should I change a menstrual cup with a bad smell?

If you take good care of your menstrual cup, it can last up to 10 years. Be careful, always make sure it is clean when you put it in. If your cup still smells bad and you can't get rid of it, we recommend replacing it. The purpose of our menstrual cup is to make you feel fresh and free when you use it. Take good care of it and it will last a long time.


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