Does menstrual cup hurt

Does it hurt with the menstrual cup - good to know about the menstrual cup

It shouldn't hurt to use a menstrual cup. If it does, it may be because it's not in the right place. When you're a beginner, you may tense up a little extra and feel it sticking in, but it shouldn't hurt at all. If your cup hurts, you should take it out.

Cup pain or discomfort

The first few times it may feel a little uncomfortable or different, which is not surprising at all. If you just relax, the discomfort usually goes away. If you feel discomfort from the cup when you move, it may be because it's not quite right.

Try reinserting the cup or adjusting it by wiggling it slightly, or twisting it. If it still feels uncomfortable or even hurts, it could be that you have a model that simply doesn't fit you. Try a different style or size and see if it works better.

One thing that can feel uncomfortable is if the tab or loop at the bottom of the cup teases at the slit opening. This can be both annoying and eventually painful. If this is what you find uncomfortable, you can cut the tap or simply turn the cup inside out, so that the tap or loop ends up inside the cup.

If you have tried wearing the cup in a few different ways, you may eventually find what works best for you. You may find that the cup fits perfectly one way, but the spigot is too far down, or that it just doesn't quite fit. In that case, you may need a different model. There are so many different ones and they are shaped a little differently. Try it out and don't settle until you find one that fits perfectly and feels comfortable for you.

You can also cut the tab at the bottom if you think it's too long. Many people do. Just be careful not to cut into the cup itself.

Remember that the cup does not sit as far up the vagina as a tampon. It should sit just inside the opening of the vagina and fit tightly there. If you've used a tampon, this may feel unfamiliar at first, but it's just a matter of habit and you'll soon find out how it should be for you. If the cup is too far up, it may leak.

If the cup feels uncomfortable, it may also be because of the way you are shaped inside. Everyone is different and something that is good for one person may feel completely different for another. This is completely normal and very individual. Your only guideline here should be that you shouldn't put up with anything that doesn't feel good. You should feel comfortable and use a menstrual pad that suits you. Maybe it's a cup, or maybe you're more comfortable with a different type of protection. It's up to you.

Remember that your body can change too. If a cup doesn't work for you at the moment, you might want to wait a while and try again. You may find that it feels completely different. It's worth giving the cup some time and patience, because it's the most comfortable, environmentally friendly and practical menstrual protection you can have.

The right size

The size of the cup can also matter. Even a small menstrual cup can look big when you hold it in your hand. Of course, it's a bit bigger than a tampon, but since you fold the cup when you insert it, it's not really that different from a tampon. The cup is made of medical grade silicone which makes it very soft and pliable. This makes the cup feel very comfortable, whatever the size.

In most cases, you have two sizes to choose from. One for a slightly smaller amount, and one for a slightly larger amount of blood. The smaller one is usually recommended for anyone with a small to moderate amount of menstrual flow. The larger cup is recommended for those with heavier periods and if you have given birth. You may find it difficult to know how much you bleed each time. But you can always try it out.

Irritated mucous membranes during menstruation

Some people find that their vaginas are particularly sensitive during their period. It can be annoying if you have to insert and remove the cup several times because you can't get it right. If you feel that your vagina seems sensitive, try using lubricants to minimise disruption. Be careful not to use a lubricant with oil, as it will destroy the surface layer of the cup.


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