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Tips for those thinking of buying a menstrual cup

Tips for those thinking of buying a menstrual cup. By now, most people have heard of the menstrual cup. There are many advantages to buying a menstrual cup instead of spending money on consumables like tampons and pads. It's no wonder you're curious to try it out as most people who talk about menstrual cups testify that they don't feel, leak and can stay in for hours.

However, before it's time to buy a cup, it's a good idea to read up so you know what to expect from a cup from Apofemme.

Good to know before buying a cup

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a small soft cup made of silicone. It is inserted into the vagina, but unlike a tampon, the cup collects the blood instead of sucking it up. You empty the cup into the toilet, rinse it and use it again. The cup lasts up to 10 years. You can easily exercise, sleep and bathe with a cup without feeling or noticing it. When it's time to buy a cup, you need to choose the size. Our cups come in two sizes S and L. Choose the right size when buying a cup.

For women who have given birth or are over 30 years old, size L is recommended. For younger women and women with lighter bleeding, size S is recommended. Of course, if you have given birth and are over 30, you may want a smaller size. This is an individual matter. It is best to try things out but start with the recommended size.

Choosing a menstrual cup size

Buying a menstrual cup saves the environment

Buying a menstrual cup is a climate-smart and sustainable option. As well as saving you a lot of money as the menstrual cup has a shelf life of up to 10 years, you're saving the environment. Consumables like tampons and sanitary towels are not very gentle on the environment or our bodies. A tampon or pad is thrown away immediately after use, while a menstrual cup is used over and over and over again. So when you buy a menstrual cup, you save yourself from buying disposable products for years.

Buying a menstrual cup for you

The most important thing is that you feel free and comfortable during your period. Buying a menstrual cup helps to do just that.

You will need a few rounds of periods to learn how to use the cup properly it can be a little tricky at first before you get the technique right. After that, it's all routine. So even if you start out disagreeing a bit, after a while you'll become best friends. In fact, once the insertion technique is in place and you've learned how many hours can go by without you having to empty, you may even forget you're menstruating. Buying a menstrual cup is probably the best purchase you'll make in a long time. Once you get to know your cup, you'll wonder why you didn't try it before.

Buy menstrual cup from Apofemme

We want our menstrual cup to change the way you feel about your entire period. You should feel free and completely undisturbed by your menstrual pad. Our menstrual cup is available in two sizes S and L and in all the colours of the rainbow. It's toxin-free and can stay in for up to twelve hours. As long as you take good care of your cup, it will last up to 10 years. When you buy your menstrual cup from us, it will be delivered directly to your mailbox. We hope you'll love our menstrual cup as much as we do. Should you have any questions or concerns before you buy a menstrual cup, please feel free to contact us.


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