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About us

We believe in the normalisation of bleeding sex.

We believe in organic manufacturing & safe conditions for those who produce our products.

Our menstrual cup is made out of love for the female body.

Menstruation is & has always been here to stay, we just want to make sure you feel as comfortable & free as possible during your period.

Apofemme Scandinavia is a Swedish limited liability company based in Stockholm.

We have carefully selected suppliers that meet our requirements.

You as a customer always come first, you should always feel completely safe when using our products.

Our products are and will always be free of chemicals, for your safety, the environment and for the people who produce our products.

What we stand for

Apofemme stands for the present, quality, climate awareness and security.

For us, the whole chain is important. The materials and production are just as important to us as the working conditions of the people who make our products.

We want to make sure that everything is done safely and without toxins, so you can use our products with confidence.


We want to offer products that make it easier for you during your period. Apofemme menstrual cups have a shelf life of up to 10 years, which means you save both money and the environment. We hope that you will enjoy our cup as much as we do. Long live the menstrual cup.

Our vision with Apofemme

We want to normalise and change the way people think about menstruation.

We want to be able to provide safe and organic products that make your period easier.

We want you as a young person and as an adult to be able to find both the right information and the products you need during your period.

We are all born in the body we are given. Fortunately, many people are born in the gender they identify with. Not everyone is so lucky. That's why our vision is to develop products that take away as much as possible of the feeling of bleeding.

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